Is the localbusiness schema useless for google SEO?

Some of you may be surprised to know that it is useless to add the localbusiness schema to your website because GOOGLE does not use it. Consequently, it is useless to add the localbusiness schema to your website to seduce Google. Google ONLY uses the following schema below: people, events, reviews, products, recipes, and breadcrumb navigation […]

Why i stopped using the Yoast SEO plugin

Webmaster tools errors 404 Yoast

I had today a last problem with the Yoast SEO plugin. It started with the finding of two 404 errors in google webmaster tool. The missing pages were: ?s=%7Bsearch_term%7D search/%7Bsearch_term%7D/   I was surprised because it came from a brand new website on which i have never deleted any pages. I understood something was wrong. […]

Transfer post to page and vice & versa in wordpress

First of all, get the ID of the page or post you are interested in. To do so, rollover any edit button related to your post or page, you will see in the url something with a variable: id=xxxx Go to phpmyadmin & find the table wp_post Here you can see all pages and posts. […]

Why i stopped using wordpress Jetpack plugins

I discovered that the major websites using wordpress don’t have the Jetpack plugin installed. That’s the case for,,,,,, 2createawebsite and In order to check that, i displayed the code of homepages and i looked for the work jetpack in it. if major companies don’t use jetpack, they have good […]

How to remove the Missing required field “updated” error from a Genesis theme

Some of you use Genesis child themes that generate two kind of structured data errors in Google webmaster tools. Error : Missing required field “updated”. Error : Missing required hCard “author”. Rather than adding those two class to all of your pages and posts, i suggest to remove all Hatom microformat class. Your title formats may change after the actions below. The […]

XML sitemap VS HTML sitemap benefits

Let’s get it straight. Xml sitemaps are useless for most of us. Today, XML sitemaps are only useful for big news websites like I do think XML sitemaps are a waste of time. For several reasons: XML sitemaps don’t help to better rank Googlebot does not need XML sitemaps to understand your website If […]

Switching to https – Drop of Google traffic -

Capture d’écran 2014-11-04 à 06.12.30

My website is and i switched it to HTTPS on the 8th of october 2014. Every item has been switched to https in html contents. Meanwhile, i haven’t done anything else on the website during that time. I didn’t add a new plugin. I didn’t add a new post. I didn’t change the homepage.   […]

Can Googlebot crawl & index iframe links?

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Here is our experiment: We have create a blogspot page called with an Iframe in it pointing to Code was <iframe src=””></iframe>   However we didn’t publish anywhere on After some days, we checked in google by typing A result has been displayed showing that googlebot crawled & indexed this iframe […]

Nofollow are useless most of the time!

This title is justified. We think that internal and external links with a nofollow on it leak a bit of link juice. Consequently, it is useless to put a nofollow, except if you really talk about a website that you hate & if it is an advertisement. The advertisement link is rare today as everybody uses the […]

How to prevent cloaking penalty due to diff. between Mobile & desktop version.

fetch and render Desktop website result google webmaster tool

Go to Google webmaster guidelines. Click on “FETCH AS GOOGLE” Then, click on “FETCH AND RENDER”. click on partial or complete. Check the result you got in the embedded screen. Then, select smartphone rather than Desktop. Click on “FETCH AND RENDER”. Click on partial or complete. Check in the embedded screen to see whether you […]