Nofollow are useless most of the time!

This title is justified. We think that internal and external links with a nofollow on it leak a bit of link juice. Consequently, it is useless to put a nofollow, except if you really talk about a website that you hate & if it is an advertisement. The advertisement link is rare today as everybody uses the […]

How to prevent cloaking penalty due to diff. between Mobile & desktop version.

fetch and render Desktop website result google webmaster tool

Go to Google webmaster guidelines. Click on “FETCH AS GOOGLE” Then, click on “FETCH AND RENDER”. click on partial or complete. Check the result you got in the embedded screen. Then, select smartphone rather than Desktop. Click on “FETCH AND RENDER”. Click on partial or complete. Check in the embedded screen to see whether you […]

403 error from proxy & cloaking penalty

The cloaking penalty may affect lots of people today. At the beginning, the cloaking penalty has been created by google to prevent webmasters to return different contents whether the request came from Googlebot or a visitor. Now, if you connect a website from a proxy and get a 403 error, you must be cautious, especially […]

Googlebot can read iframe & javascript

Fetch and render result webmaster tool iframe

Today, everyone can check that the googlebot crawler can actually follow DOT js files & iframe files in your html code. Go to one of your website in google webmaster tools and click on “crawl like Google”. You will see that the Javascript banner ads & iframe content are displayed when you click on “Fetch and […]

Mobile version of a website & cloaking penalty

In Google webmaster tools, under the category “crawl like google” you may have seen that you can crawl a website and display it just like on a smartphone. We think that if your website display different information than your desktop version, you may be penalized to do some cloaking meaning that you have different version […]

Google link juice algorithm

Google link juice algorithm

Some people still think today that the google link juice algorithm changed over time. However, there is no proof about it. We only know that Google has decided at some point to consider that external nofollow links would leak google juice. Thus, in most the times, it is useless to put a nofollow property since […]

The author link is useless

Many times, i have seen that news websites had a link to the author page under the title of an article. I don’t think it is a good idea to keep that because author pages have no commercial value. It is just another “category” page or “archive” page. As you know their is a google […]

Iframe tag and google SEO – Good or bad?

I have found a big paradox in Google communication. In their webmaster guidelines, Google encourages webmasters to “avoid IFRAMES”.  Reference “We recommend that you avoid the use of iFrames to display content.”   However, you can find Iframe in Youtube (owned by Google) embed codes, Google map embed codes, Google document embed codes, Google questionnaire embed […]

Google says “switch to https!” no thank you!

As you may know, https is now a ranking factor for Google. On this page, you will see why i think it is a bad idea to move your website to https It is going to cost money for every domain. If you don’t use a service like cloudflare you must buy a SSL certificate […]